Diamond Men
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Diamond Men

Diamond Men (2000)

Eddie Miller (Robert Forster - JACKIE BROWN, LAKEBOAT) is an aging diamond salesman with a heart condition. When he's told he is no longer insurable, he has to team up with a brash young kid Bobby Walker (Donnie Wahlberg - SIXTH SENSE, BAND OF BROTHERS) From his profanity to his inexperience, Bobby rubs Eddie the wrong way. The two clash almost immediately. But after several days on the road together, Eddie begins to pierce Bobby's arrogant exterior and uncovers his true personality. Bobby comes to accept Eddie as his mentor. As the two travel the roads of Pennsylvania they form a tentative bond. Bobby confesses to being a bit of a fraud and Eddie faces the loneliness of his life as widower. As they break down the differences between them Bobby, helps Eddie face life with a bit more abandon and fun. He brings him to a brothel where he meets a beautiful young woman (Bess Armstrong - THE PERFECT DAUGIITER). In the process, the diamonds are stolen and the race is on to recover them. Facing ruin, Eddie disappears with his new love and Bobby is left to search for both Eddie and the diamonds alone. Still searching a year later, Bobby finally uncovers the shocking secrets that led to the unexpected series of events that now consume his life. DIAMOND MEN is filled with action, pathos, suspense, intrigue and unexpected twists and turns. The characters, plot and incredible conclusion make it as elusive and irresistible as a diamond itself.


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