Crime Stories - The Killer Handyman
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Crime Stories - The Killer Handyman

Crime Stories - The Killer Handyman (2007)

47 year old William Fyfe was found guilty of 5 murders and confessed to 4 more during his murder spree, which spanned nearly 20 years. All his victims had been brutally beaten, usually raped and robbed. Fyfe lived under the radar, described as a generous man, full of community spirit but with a penchant for preaching to others about their weight and other habits. He was a handyman in a small Quebec community arriving there for treatment for his drug addiction, eventually staying in order to counsel others like him. Fyfe would make the 650 kms trip from Barrie to Montreal four times in the fall of 1999 in accelerating frenzy of rape and murder and was finally apprehended because of a single fingerprint and intensive surveillance. He is now serving a life sentence in Saskatchewan.


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