Defenders Of The Planet: - Threat From Space
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Defenders Of The Planet: - Threat From Space

Defenders Of The Planet: - Threat From Space (2001)

Killer asteroids, solar flares and potentially lethal alien viruses are some of the dangers our planet faces. A small number of individuals and organizations have started to recognize this threat and are working to defend the Earth.It is now widely believed that a giant asteroid was at least partly responsible for the extinction of the dinosaurs 65 million years ago and many people believe it is only a matter of time before we are faced with another killer asteroid. Worldwide, organizations such as NASA are working to find what objects are out there.As NASA plans to send man to Mars and to bring back samples of Martian rock to Earth, it has become a concern that these samples could contain alien bacteria. John Rummel is head of the Planetary Protection office at NASA, responsible for making sure any samples of Mars rocks are not allowed to contaminate the Earth.The Sun may give life to the Earth, but as human technology advances it is starting to pose real threats to our planet. Solar weather and solar storms can cause havoc with satellite systems and wipe out power stations - leaving towns and cities at a standstill. Astronauts in space are also at risk from life-threatening radiation from solar storms.


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