Escape To River Cottage: Episode 1
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Escape To River Cottage: Episode 1

Escape To River Cottage: Episode 1 (1999)

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstallï¾’s dream of escaping the city sprawl and downshifting to rural Dorset is about to be realised. He has arrived at River Cottage, and his new life as a small holder, living off the fat of the land, lies before him. But first there has to be some changesï¾… What doesnï¾’t put food on the table has to go.Hugh rips up the blooming flowerbeds and lays old railway sleepers as the foundations for his new vegetable garden. With the vegetables sorted Hugh is off in search of livestock in a rare breed pig farm. Aware of the marine larder the Dorset seas have to offer Hugh catches up with a spear-fishing expert and also makes a deal in return for conducting a regular cull to keep Anthonyï¾’s pigeon flock at a manageable sizeï¾…


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