Hollywood Real Estate: Episode 1
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Hollywood Real Estate: Episode 1

Hollywood Real Estate: Episode 1 (2002)

Home to some of the worldï¾’s biggest stars and the most opulent homes, Hollywood is one of the wealthiest and most glamorous places on the planet. In this two-part special we show you the celebrity Top Ten Places to Live in L.A. We travel from the Hollywood Hills, to the coast of Malibu in search of the most ostentatious Hollywood homes, and we find out along the way who are the most ostentatious of the stars! We discover where the stars choose to live and why: Peirce Brosnan and Courtney Cox prefer the coastal views of Malibu, Tom Cruise has recently set up home in the beautiful Bel Air, where as Sylvester Stallone and Rod Stewart prefer the exclusive gated community of Beverley Park.As well as discovering the best locations in L.A. we go inside the celebrity mansions to discover how the rich and famous really live. We meet the architects, interior designers, builders and fen-shui experts who create lavish and luxurious homes fit for Tinseltownï¾’s brightest stars. We also meet Hollywoodï¾’s top real estate agents who are on first name terms with their A-list celebrity clients. We gain an exclusive peek into the Hollywood property market and open the doors to some of the celebrity property represented by L.A.ï¾’s hottest agents.Each episode promises to satisfy our curiosity into celebrity homes and we uncover the excesses of Los Angeles, for example, we discover the growing phenomenon among Hollywood residents who decide to buy their next-door neighbourï¾’s home. Whatï¾’s a few million dollars for complete privacy!


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