Hollywood Religions: Episode 1
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Hollywood Religions: Episode 1

Hollywood Religions: Episode 1 (2001)

Hollywood Religions is an informative and entertaining exploration of trendy religions in Hollywood. We explore the domination of alternative religions and the cult of the New Age Guru. Also, the institutions who have made religion a big business by attracting a high-powered following with the likes of Madonna and Richard Gere. These two films will examine the powerful attraction between Hollywood celebrities and alternative religions. In the first film we discover how Tibetan Buddhism has become the most fashionable religion in Tinseltown, thanks to celebrity endorsements from big Hollywood stars. Tinseltownï¾’s tough guy Steven Seagal describes his life as a reincarnated Buddhist teacher and we meet yoga teacher to stars, Gurmukh, who believes Hollywoodï¾’s love of eastern spirituality goes beyond established religions. And we discover a new wave of Wicca followers, inspired by popular TV programme, Buffy The Vampire Slayer.In film two we meet Ally McBeal star Dyan Cannon, in her new role as a preacher. The former wife of Cary Grant reaches her congregation through her experiencesï¾– mental breakdowns and her Hollywood lifestyle. We also look at the religion of self help through spiritual life coach Serano Kelly and Spiritual Guru Deepak Chopra. In Hollywood anything goes, there is even a church dedicated to The Partridge family, based on the 1970s TV series.September Films has produced two stand-alone films that cleverly mix their well-known popular documentary brand with serious insights into the religions themselves.


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