Ingrid Bergman - Remembered
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Ingrid Bergman - Remembered

Ingrid Bergman - Remembered (2007)

Her name conjures up the image of beauty, grace, talent and style.One of the greatest actresses of her time, she is best remembered for a natural and vulnerable persona which was so genuine and alluring. Her cinematic contributions produced such classics as Casablanca, Gaslight, and Anastasia. But Ingridï¾’s story goes deeper than the triumphs of her movie career. Her life took sharp turns and led her in directions she never expected. Plagued by the scandal of her love affair and marriage to Italian film director Roberto Rossellini, Ingridï¾’s seeming abandonment of her husband Peter Lindstrom and daughter Pia was unexplainable. The turbulent years that followed included Ingridï¾’s withdrawal from Hollywood and America. Though separated from Pia while she made movies in Italy with Roberto, her time there was also joyful in the birth of her three other children, Robertino, Ingrid and Isabella. Ingrid disappeared from the public eye for over seven years, but re-emerged in the movie Anastasia, which sparked her triumphant return to America. Ingrid Bergman Remembered is a loving retrospective of a woman who lived a remarkable life. Ingridï¾’s daughters Pia Lindstrom and Isabella Rossellini take a personal look back at the life of their mother. Seen from their perspective, this profile of Ingrid goes beyond the acting career and tells the story of her life from her childhood in Sweden to her premature death at age 67 from breast cancer. Replete with a wonderful assortment of rare and never-before-seen photographs and home movies, the program is rounded out by film clips and newsreels. Narrated by Pia Lindstrom.


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