Love For Sale: Tales From Two Brothels: Post Graduate
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Love For Sale: Tales From Two Brothels: Post Graduate

Love For Sale: Tales From Two Brothels: Post Graduate (2010)

Darla has now been on the game for three months. She has made a smooth transition from innocence to experience. Being a prostitute has given her a new found confidence and more money. ムIメm doing the same thing over and over and Iメm getting better at this. And itメs done a lot really for my confidence, just being more outgoing.メHer first purchase is a new car. But there are victims to her success; namely her husband Buck, who she is now divorced from. Buck is trying to take a philosophical view on the divorce,メ unfortunately you canメt go back and change events that happened before so you gotta live with the mistakes that you make. Iメm glad that sheメs happy now.メThe Brothel marketing machine turns it attentions to Darla, now known as Bianca. She does her first porn magazine shoot, something she vowed she would never do. Hustler magazine also send a journalist Peter, to the ranch to cover the mother daughter story. The angle is he has to have sex with both Mum and daughter. Something that Linda has never discounted, ムI would probably do it. I donメt think she really relishes the thought of seeing her mother have sex. But Iメll leave it up to her, I mean it doesnメt really matter to me, Iメve seen everything.メ Peter files the story and falls in love with Darla. In true Nevada style they get married that afternoon. The future looks bright, Darla is going to go to college back east and Peter will support them. However, months later Darla is still at the ranch and Peter is writing a novel. But they are living togetherナ


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