Masterpiece Or Forgery?
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Masterpiece Or Forgery?

Masterpiece Or Forgery? (2005)

Elmyr de Hory was called モThe Myth of our Centuryヤ when he was revealed as a master forger in 1968.Born in 1905, he made an estimated 1000 fake paintings, primarily in the style of the post-impressionists before he died ヨ or disappeared ヨ in 1976. In addition to faking paintings, Elmyr de Hory often faked his own identity, and traveled easily throughout Europeメs high society. Even his death was the subject of much speculation. His paintings were sold throughout North America, Europe, and Japan, and their total market value is estimated to be over one-hundred million dollars. Many fine and respected galleries and museums are in possession of what they believe to be a valuable モMatisseヤ or モModigliani,ヤ but which is in fact a モde Hory.ヤThis fascinating one-hour documentary, directed by Norwegian filmmaker Knut Jorfald, was shot on location in Europe and America, and includes interviews with such friends of Elmyrメs as author Clifford Irving, actress Ursula Andress, notorious smuggler Anthony Hugo, as well as William Robinson, curator of the Fogg Museum of Art in Boston, and David Breuer of Sothebyメs Auction House in London.


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