Pilgrimages Of Europe - Fatima, Portugal
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Pilgrimages Of Europe - Fatima, Portugal

Pilgrimages Of Europe - Fatima, Portugal (2004)

The history of Fatima can be traced to the beginning of the 20th Century. Three children witnessed the sudden appearance of the Holy Virgin beneath an oak tree, describing her as a モlady of white light.ヤ Mary instructed the children to recite the rosary every day. She appeared to them five times again that summer, her last appearance marked by a miracle, the モsolar phenomenonヤ of Fatima. Several years later, two of the three children died. Lucia, ten years old at the time of the appearance, joined the Carmelite order of nuns, and began to proclaim the message she had received from the Holy Virgin to the world. Today, Fatima attracts over a million and a half pilgrims yearly. The trek to Fatima is usually done in exchange for a favor received. Pilgrims often make a promesa, a personal vow to do penance as a sign of their gratitude to the Virgin. For many, this means covering the last 500 yards on the marble floor to the Chapel of the Apparitions on their knees.


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